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Patricia "Trish" LaMana

Patricia LaMana, LCSW:  Patricia “Trish” LaMana – Graduated with her Masters from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work and is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience.  She started out in camps working with kids with emotional and behavioral issues providing safe, structured settings and behavior modification skills as well as therapy for those who experienced trauma. She also ran an assisted living home for adults leaving long term psychiatric hospitalizations that needed help adjusting and functioning in their community again.  Eventually, she began training others in the techniques and eventually opened an assessment program in Oregon and later a group home in Colorado. She is also registered supervisor able to train new clinicians who would like to obtain their clinical licensure. Understanding that everyone’s path to wellness is different, Trish see’s the relationship between client and therapist as being the corner stone for change. Extensive experience in residential treatment settings and outpatient settings as both clinician and administrator has given Trish a unique perspective and insight into the difficult mental health and social issues facing client’s today. Trish also has extensive training in Animal Assisted Therapy and is currently training her dog Max to assist clients during sessions, groups and crisis.

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