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Dear NICMH clients and families,

I am writing on behalf of all the staff at NICMH about the COVID-19 Pandemic and it’s impact on our services here at NICMH.

This past week the global spread has reached a critical pace and the State and National measures have impacted our daily lives. I know this is a scary time and stress can be overwhelming.

Please know that we will continue to be here for you. Our building will stay open for as long as it is safe.

Some insurances are allowing us to TEMPORARILY bill for Telehealth and phone counseling for those who cannot or do not want to come into this building. The front desk and your individual counselors or support staff will be in communication with you to offer these services to you. Call and ask to find out if your insurance is doing this services.

Needless to say, we will comply with all Federal, State and Local laws and directives. Things are changing moment to moment and we will do our best to keep you informed of our status.

For your safety and the safety of employees, I have taken the following steps:

1. Please stay home if you or a member of your family is sick, and staff is instructed to stay home if they are sick. Please understand at this difficult time.

2. Groups have been canceled and individual services are being offered in their place.

3. I am asking that anyone NOT receiving therapy not come in the lobby. If family is not receiving services, stay in the car. Parents of a very young child need to still accompany that child in but everyone else please stay in the car while the client is in NICMH for counseling or any support services.

4. I may be reducing office hours and they will be posted as they change on our phone recording. Your staff may see you outside of those hours if you have made an appointment.

5. We have posted information related to COVID-19 and associated personal hygiene instructions throughout the building. Proper, frequent use of soap and /or hand sanitizers by everyone is an important element in the fight to slow the spread of the virus. We are using a bleach solution frequency in shared areas and all door entrances. Please keep some distance from the front desk counter when you come into the building and refrain from leaning on surfaces.

6. I may implement taking temperatures for everyone who enters this building, so be prepared for that for you, your family and the staff here at NICMH.

In the event, you or a staff is informed that they or a member of their family or someone they came into contact with has COVID-19, Please let us know and we will let you know as well.

If the phone indicates that the office is closed for the day:

please leave a message as we will return all calls as soon as we can.

If you are in a non – life threatening emergency call 208-610-0931 if you need to talk to someone. A staff member will call you back as soon as they can.

In a life- threatening emergency- please call 9-1-1.

Other crisis lines available to you:

NI crisis line: 208-946-5595

OPTUM crisis line: 855-202-0973

Panhandle Health District Hotline: 877-415-5225

This is a time where we are a community and we will continue to come together to support each other.

We know this is stressful and we are here.

Jenny Brotherton- Manna



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